Iteros Partners with Romeo Power Technology to Deliver the Most Advanced Stationary Energy Storage Solution for Business

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Iteros, Inc. today announced it is partnering with Romeo Power Technology to supply a distributed energy resource software platform for PowerStack, Romeo’s energy storage solution that enables businesses to harvest and store electricity off peak when it’s cheaper and then cut ties to power lines with demand and prices are high. The platform will offer the most advanced, turn-key energy storage solution for both commercial and utility-scale applications.

“Combined with Romeo’s PowerStack energy storage technology, it illustrates how we can provide substantial savings from the project onset.”

The development timeline by Romeo was very ambitious: Iteros had just a few days to connect to on-site equipment at the Romeo headquarters in Vernon, Calif., and demonstrate its scalable approach to provide customers with cost savings.

“Our library of built-in templated controls allowed Iteros to quickly and easily demonstrate measurable energy savings at the Romeo headquarters,” said Iteros CEO Jennifer Worrall. “Combined with Romeo’s PowerStack energy storage technology, it illustrates how we can provide substantial savings from the project onset.”

The rapid growth of intermittent renewable and distributed generation has accelerated the need for battery storage to balance and relieve overstressed utility grids across the globe. Battery storage is a key technology to forge a path towards a more sustainable, resilient, smarter utility grid.

“We are excited to partner with a company like Romeo which shares our vision of delivering significant savings through sustainable energy solutions,” said Worrall.

Iteros provides an end-to-end software platform that simplifies time-intensive analysis and automates complex, custom engineering processes to substantially reduce a project’s time and cost to market. Once a system is deployed, the modular design of the PowerStack combined with Iteros’ adaptable controls frameworks provide customers the flexibility they need as their energy needs and markets evolve. With each PowerStack deployed, new control strategies can be implemented without costly reconfiguration, and multiple battery dispatch strategies can be utilized for “stacked” storage applications, creating multiple value streams for grid operators, utilities and their customers. Utilities also gain greater grid stability and the ability to integrate more renewable resources as they are added onto their systems.

“By utilizing the software solution by Iteros, we can accelerate the timeline in which PowerStack customers can reduce energy expenses through time-of-use energy arbitrage and demand charge reduction as well as participation in utility demand response programs,” said Michael Patterson, co-founder and CEO of Romeo.

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Iteros is an energy software company that models, controls and manages sustainable energy systems by optimizing distributed generation, energy storage, and other complementary distributed energy resource technologies. We provide an end-to-end software platform with modules for modeling & simulation, monitoring & visualization and controls/management enabling our customers to develop a comprehensive energy strategy to maximize profitability and reduce energy spend.