“I believe Nanomedical Diagnostics will see substantial accelerated growth, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of the team to deliver that.”

Nanomedical Diagnostics, a pioneer of graphene biosensors that accelerate pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics development, appoints Dr. Joe Keegan as Executive Chairman. As a former CEO of FortéBio and Molecular Devices with over thirty years of life science industry experience, Dr. Keegan brings fundamental knowledge in commercializing cutting-edge technologies like Nanomedical Diagnostics’ proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB), a label-free technique. Notably, companies Dr. Keegan led as CEO or served on the board of directors have generated $2 billion in exit value.

“Dr. Keegan has been on our board of directors for over a year, and during this time, has provided invaluable direction in understanding the market and launching new applications for our biosensor,” says Nanomedical Diagnostics CEO, Ross Bundy. “Now as we start development of our high-throughput label-free applications, Dr. Keegan is assuming an expanded role to help raise the resources needed to enter a new market, as well as spearhead product development and sales strategy. We look forward to leveraging Dr. Keegan’s extensive first-hand expertise in successfully multiplying the revenue of novel technologies to increase product market share.”

Nanomedical Diagnostics’ first FEB product, single-sample format Agile R100, is a highly-sensitive kinetic characterization platform that makes information-rich label-free data available to any drug discovery lab. The company plans to introduce a high-throughput version that could characterize entire fragment libraries in a matter of hours.

“Upon my first introduction to FEB, I recognized that it was a profoundly unique technology among available label-free options,” says Dr. Keegan. “Instead of being an optical technique like surface plasmon resonance and Bio-Layer Interferometry, it’s an electrical one, with all the inherent advantages that electrical techniques bring, such as nanoscale size capabilities, exceptional sensitivity, and manufacturing that can leverage economies of scale to an unprecedented degree, enabling significantly reduced costs. I believe Nanomedical Diagnostics is poised at a watershed moment and will begin to see substantial accelerated growth, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of the team to deliver that.”

About Nanomedical Diagnostics

Nanomedical Diagnostics (“Nanomed”) is a life science company based in San Diego, CA. Nanomed has developed a breakthrough electrical assay based on proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology that delivers sensitive label-free kinetic characterization of biomolecular interactions for accelerated drug discovery. As the world’s only mass-manufacturer of next-generation graphene biosensors, Nanomed’s mission is to transform the healthcare industry with innovative new products that enable cutting-edge life science research, drug discovery applications, and portable diagnostic and health monitoring platforms.