John Lee, Cloud and Sales Strategy Leader at Google, Joins Aira Advisory Board

January 17, 2017

Article by: Wesley Friesen

Google technology executive John Lee has been named to Aira’s Technical Advisory Board. John’s broad global expertise in both business and startup environments includes spearheading next-generation machine learning integration, go-to-market strategies, consumer analytics, and cloud applications.

“I joined Aira as a technical advisor because of how impressed I was at Aira’s human-centric mission to improve the lives of millions of blind and visually impaired people in such a tangible and life-changing way. In addition to the human aspect, I also saw a perfect opportunity for an application that can take full advantage of Google Cloud Platform’s commercially available roadmap such as Cloud Machine Learning, Cloud Vision & Natural Language, Maps, and other future-facing technologies that will quickly emerge and need to be leveraged appropriately. I am helping Aira enlarge and clarify their already compelling vision for how to improve the lives of visually impaired people all over the world. I believe that Aira is perfectly positioned to execute on this vision given its go to market strategy with both Human and Assisted AI solutions.”
Read the full article at Medium.

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