Kadho Sports Announces Multi-Sport Partnership With the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona baseball, softball and volleyball teams will utilize cognitive enhancing tools developed by Kadho Sports. Combining 50 years of research in neuroscience with the latest in mobile technology, Kadho Sports aims to improve athletic performance across many sports.

Kadho Sports announced a multi-year partnership to deploy their neuroscience-based sports training software with the University of Arizona for their baseball, softball and volleyball teams.

Kadho Sports’ platform will be added to these teams’ training to improve athletic performance. Co-founded by scientists from University of California, Irvine and Johns Hopkins, the Kadho Sports platform combines years of neuroscience research with fully adaptive mobile technology to help athletes improve decision-making in critical gametime situations.

“Our goal at the University of Arizona is to provide the best environment and tools for our student-athletes to reach their full potential.” Sr. Associate Athletic Director Erika Barnes said. “We believe the Kadho Sports platform can be a valuable tool in helping our teams reach those goals. We are very excited to see the platform’s potential across multiple sports.”

Kadho Sports currently provides its cognitive enhancing services to NCAA, MLB and National teams. With a team of neuroscientists and sports vision specialists, Kadho Sports technology has been in the making since 2014 and has enjoyed tremendous traction from its partners.

“We are very excited to announce our first multi-sport agreement with a highly regarded institution such as the University of Arizona,” Kadho Sports president Yasuto Suga said. “With their prestigious history, they have consistently shown a strong dedication to supporting all of their student-athletes. We are looking forward to working with great teams and coaches in becoming a new part of their winning culture.”

Kadho Sports has been recognized for its sports training technology by renowned figures in volleyball and baseball. They were named official suppliers for USA Volleyball in 2016, and are actively expanding their technology for baseball and softball players. In addition to its current offerings, Kadho Sports is developing customized technology for other sports including football, soccer and tennis with their global partners.

About Kadho Sports
Kadho Sports is a technology startup co-founded by two scientists. As a California-based corporation that started in 2015, it has rapidly gained widespread recognition by the world’s top sports teams for improving their performance. They are proud members of the EvoNexus Tech Startup Incubator in Irvine (EvoNexus.org). Kadho Sports worked with USA Volleyball to develop a custom volleyball training platform for the National Team players, which improves on-court visual recognition and decision-making skills. Kadho Sports also works with Professional and Collegiate Baseball teams with a platform customized to improve baseball-specific skills. Kadho Sports is committed to combining science and technology so athletes can perform at their best when it matters most. For more information please visit http://www.KadhoSports.com