Kadho Sports at the Olympics!

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TOBE ATTAH – Tuesday August 9th, 2016

Whether in beach or indoor volleyball, Team USA has prioritized engaging fans and players across the nation to explore their cultivated passions for this sport and continue to build up the top-ranked national team.

Kadho Sports, a science and technology company heavily focused on neuroscience and sports, has similar goals, and they have decided to work closely with Team USA to develop a cognitive training tool that improves anticipation skills and on-court reaction time for players.

“USA volleyball is extremely pleased to have Kadho Sports partner with us as an official supplier to our USA national team programs,” USA volleyball CEO Doug Beal told PR Web. “Kadho Sports supports our efforts to provide the best technology and training to assist our athletes in achieving high-level performance and sustained competitive success against elite competition.”

Kadho Sports’s platform has researched more than 50 years of athlete data to better assess how they make decisions on the playing court or field. Essentially, their platform combines scientific research with new mobile and cloud technology, facilitating a unique training system that enhances defensive skills in blocking, positioning and even reception against upcoming opponents.

Kadho Sports is used among other prominent sports leagues, namely MLB and the NHL. Additionally, the enhanced scouting and analytical technology is being integrated to smaller leagues and teams, such as the USTA and UCLA’s athletic program. The successful relationship between Kadho and Team USA ultimately led to the research team building their brand into a reliable service for athletes.

“We are ecstatic to be supporting USA volleyball.” Kadho Sports co-founder and CEO Kaveh Azartash also told PR Web. “Our goal has been to create a new way for athletes to reach their full potential using neuroscience and technology. We are excited about the opportunity to work with the great players and coaches from USA volleyball, and are proud to add a new piece to their player development toolset.”

With the idea that sports instincts can be taught, Kadho Sports’s customizable training modules can accelerate the learning process for critical sports-specific skills. Custom video content, engaging analytics, and cognitive data all come together to allow the athlete to improve their performance and decision-making skills.