LoanHero Brings Big Win to San Diego, EvoNexus: Raises $21.7M

(, June 11, 2015) – This past May, the second annual Fintech Global Expo came to San Diego to give people a deep and formative look at the innovations inside the financial tech market segment. A huge part of the draw was that it was in San Diego, for one, but also the roster of speakers from startups, financial institutions, VC firms, and universities.

Eric Thaller, VP of Investor Services for Prosper Marketplace, took the stage at one point and made an interesting prediction about the future of the industry. As he said, the top disruption by marketplace lending will be at the point of sale, blurring the line between lending and payment.

Fun fact, there’s a company here in San Diego that specializes in this specific field, and they were at the Expo listening. LoanHero has made it their mission to change the way borrowers, lenders, and merchants interact at point of sale.

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