Partners With Kuddly to Offer Vet Consultations Via Smartphone


BY PET PRODUCT NEWS STAFF – see article, the only on-demand pet-sitting platform that caters specifically to cat owners, announced a partnership with Kuddly to offer its sitters and cat owners the highest standard of care, Meowtel reported. Kuddly is a Newport Beach, Calif., based startup that gives pet owners access to professional veterinarians with the convenience of their smartphone.

The partnership will benefit Meowtel users by offering them a complimentary, first-time

Kuddly “mail session” with a veterinarian or a discount toward a live text-chat veterinarian consultation. A mail session could be used for a simple inquiry about a change in a cat’s behavior, such as eating habits. For more time-sensitive concerns, Kuddly allows pet owners to use the app to text-chat with a veterinarian. Meowtel will offer its users and sitters a coupon code to be used on Kuddly.

“The partnership will open up a new niche of highly engaged pet parents for Kuddly,” said Sonya Petcavich, founder and CEO of Carlsbad, Calif.-based Meowtel. “I never want a Meowtel cat client to be neglected, harmed or left without the proper care. Kuddly’s app puts us one step closer to being able to provide superior care for cat parents through our network of sitters and, now, veterinarians.”