Nanomedical Diagnostics CTO Brett Goldsmith to Speak at David Myszka’s SensorCon 2018 Conference

Dr. Goldsmith will share experiments showcasing characterization of MYC oncoprotein, Zika virus, G-protein-coupled receptors, and aptamers with Agile R100, a versatile Field Effect Biosensing system.

At the end of September, representatives from top biosensor companies will converge on Salt Lake City, UT to take part in Dr. David Myszka’s SensorCon conference. Hailed as the ultimate label-free analysis meeting, SensorCon brings innovators and traditional platforms alike together for a week of sharing techniques, processes, and use cases. Instruments representing techniques such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR), Bio-layer Interferometry (BLI), Microscale Thermophoresis (MST), and Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) are all on-site for attendees to cross-train on the platforms and share new learnings.

“The Alliance of Biosensor Users and Developers (ABAUD) is a community of passionate label-free analysis scientists and leaders who are working to make this type of data user-friendly and accessible to all researchers,” says Dr. David Myszka, organizer of the meeting. “SensorCon brings everyone together in a very hands-on structure to share the latest biosensor techniques and move the field forward.”

At SensorCon, Dr. Goldsmith will present the basics of Agile R100 biosensor architecture and technology, as well as experiment examples using the FEB system. He will showcase use of Agile R100 to cross-check biochemical assays, measure weak interactions including protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding, and characterize difficult MYC oncoprotein, Zika virus, G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), kinases, cytokines, and aptamers in buffers such as 10% DMSO and serum.

Agile R100 is a novel optics-free binding assay platform for the kinetic characterization of biomolecular interactions. As a graphene biosensor, Agile R100 monitors changes in electrical conductivity to provide sensitive label-free measurements, enabling real-time quantitative analysis of difficult-to-study molecules in challenging solvents and detergents.

About Nanomedical Diagnostics

Nanomedical Diagnostics (“Nanomed”) is a life science company based in San Diego, CA. Nanomed is accelerating the pace of drug discovery with a breakthrough electrical assay based on proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology, delivering sensitive label-free kinetic characterization of biomolecular interactions. As the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of next-generation graphene biosensors, Nanomed’s mission is to transform the healthcare industry with innovative new products that enable cutting-edge life science research, drug discovery applications, and portable diagnostic and health monitoring platforms.

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