New Patent Granted to Nanomedical Diagnostics for Use of Graphene Biosensors with DNA Probes to Identify DNA Sequences for Precision Medicine

Nanomedical Diagnostics, a life science company pioneering the use of label-free graphene biosensors in the healthcare industry, announces the grant of U.S. Patent No. 9,765,395 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers use of graphene biosensors with DNA probes to detect nucleic acids, and it builds on a previous comprehensive patent for monitoring biomolecular interactions on which the company’s flagship product, the Agile R100personal assay system, is based.

The new patent enables the company’s graphene biosensor technology to bring the benefits of lower costs, easier process, and higher throughput to the world of liquid biopsy and other DNA detection applications. “Liquid biopsy has shown tremendous promise for cancer diagnostics, but current methods have cost and process challenges to overcome,” says Nanomedical Diagnostics CEO, Ross Bundy. “The grant of this patent opens the door for liquid biopsy developers to explore leveraging our graphene biosensors to overcome these issues.”

Graphene biosensors are highly-sensitive and functional in serum. They have the potential to be incorporated into high-throughput platforms for pathology labs at a low price point per test. The cost-efficiency of the biosensors introduces the possibility of reducing liquid biopsy costs to empower doctors to run tests as often as needed. If doctors could gain a full and timely picture of disease progression, they could tailor the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, and the new patent is the first step in developing a graphene biosensor-based technology to meet these needs. The extraordinary sensitivity of graphene biosensors also creates the opportunity to detect very low concentrations of circulating tumor DNA, possibly improving patient outcomes.

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About Nanomedical Diagnostics

Nanomedical Diagnostics (“Nanomed”) is a life science company based in San Diego, CA. Nanomed has developed a breakthrough electrical assay based on proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology that delivers sensitive real-time direct detection of biomolecules. As the world’s only mass-manufacturer of graphene biosensors, Nanomed’s mission is to transform the healthcare industry with innovative new products that enable cutting-edge life science research, drug discovery applications, and diagnostic and health monitoring platforms.