New Watch Predicts Injuries And Measures Blood Sugar

November 21, 2019

Imagine if you could be warned about injuries before they even happen. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because now there’s a watch that alerts you before you injure yourself. Not only does the watch predict injuries, but it also measures your blood sugar levels too!

When the watch links to a pod that the user wears on their collar, it sends information to a cloud provider. This cloud can predict if you are going to hurt yourself if you’re lifting something the wrong way. Information about proper lifting techniques will be provided to the user beforehand, so the watch can alert them when they’re out of sync. Overall, the watch can help prevent heat stress, diabetes, dehydration, and back injuries when linked to a pod that the user wears on their collar.

Joe Hitt, the founder of GoX Labs, said:

Ninety percent of prediabetics do not know that they are prediabetic.

As for people with labor work or exercising, this is a perfect watch for them. The watch assesses your metabolic rate, how many calories you’re burning, and whether you’re doing “good lifts” or “bad lifts.” Hitt believes his product will prevent injuries and hours lost on the job.

He explained:

This is about a half a trillion dollars a year problem for the employer, talking from diabetes to workforce injury. Those premiums are going up for companies, and they’re also going up for the worker.

The watch not only notifies you of bad posture while heavy lifting, but it can also predict your overall risk of injury at your workplace. It also has a step counter, a heartrate monitor and can provide VO2 data.

The watch is derived from DARPA research. It measured VO2 data with 95% precision compared to clinical data, and it also predicts diabetes to 79% accuracy using machine learning.

The device was recently accepted into a tech incubator at EvoNexus, allowing GoX Labs to receive expertise and funding to bring their devices to a commercial level.

This watch doesn’t only tell you what time it is but could save time, money, and pain. Would you wear this watch?