Digital Health Startup & EvoNexus Company CARI Health Establishes Advisory Board

Digital Health Startup & EvoNexus Company CARI Health Establishes Advisory Board

Scientific, regulatory, technical, and healthcare thought leaders will provide expertise to advance wearable remote medication monitoring

SAN DIEGO, CA / BUSINESS WIRE / NOVEMBER 9TH, 2023 / Digital health company CARI Health forms Advisory Board to support development of its wearable remote medication monitoring device. The distinguished group of experts and industry leaders will provide valuable clinical, scientific, regulatory, technical, and commercial market guidance to CARI Health’s strategic initiatives. The Advisory Board notably includes a patient advocate to ensure the patient’s perspective is a primary consideration.

CARI Health intends to enable clinicians to view patient medication levels remotely in real time, ensuring correct dosages of prescribed medications. The startup is initially focused on impacting the national opioid crisis by making life-saving methadone maintenance treatment more convenient via wearable remote medication monitoring.

“We are honored to have these outstanding professionals on the CARI Health Advisory Board. Their collective knowledge, diverse perspectives, and unique experiences will be instrumental as we navigate the challenges and tremendous opportunities ahead,” said CARI Health CEO and Co-Founder Patrik Schmidle.

CARI Health Advisory Board members include:

“The promise of methadone patients being able to demonstrate compliance remotely, without daily clinic visits, is what attracted me to CARI Health,” said Patient Advocate Brenda Davis. “CARI Health’s wearable monitoring solution has the potential to change the lives of so many people. It’s exciting to be part of!”

SOURCE: Hilary McCarthy ( for CARI Health via Business Wire

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CARI Health is focused on the future of wearable remote medication monitoring, enabling clinicians to view patient medication levels in real time, and keep them on life-saving medications., LinkedIn.

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