Compelling Clinical Data Released for EvoNexus Graduate, Carlsmed’s aprevo® Technology

Compelling Clinical Data Released for EvoNexus Graduate, Carlsmed’s aprevo® Technology

BUSINESS WIRE / CARLSBAD, CA / JANUARY 8TH, 2024 / Carlsmed announced today that new clinical data on its aprevo® technology has been published in the Global Spine Journal. This landmark study of a patient-matched cohort concluded that the use of aprevo® personalized interbody devices enables a significant improvement in achieving alignment. The study measured the difference in pelvic incidence (PI) and lumbar lordosis (LL), referred to as PI-LL mismatch, comparing personalized spine surgery and traditional spine surgery. Prior studies have shown that achieving optimal alignment during spine fusion surgery is highly correlated with reduced complications.

Justin Smith, MD, PhD, the lead author, said, “In the publication, data is provided indicating that utilization of aprevo® patient-specific devices resulted in a 42% improvement in achieving PI-LL mismatch within 5° of the surgeons’ pre-operative plans.” The publication, Analysis of Personalized Interbody Implants in the Surgical Treatment of Adult Spinal Deformity, is available at

“The mounting clinical evidence supports that AI-enabled personalized surgery improves outcomes and is transforming the standard of care for millions of patients in need,” said Mike Cordonnier, CEO of Carlsmed. “We will continue to advance the mission of personalization of healthcare and build awareness of the availability of this technology to patients worldwide.”

SOURCE: Jodi Allen, Carlsmed via Business Wire

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Carlsmed’s mission is to improve outcomes and decrease the cost of healthcare for spine surgery. The Carlsmed aprevo® personalized surgery platform is designed to improve the standard of care for spine surgery, one patient at a time. Carlsmed’s implantable devices and software platforms are FDA-cleared for lumbar spine fusion. Carlsmed’s proprietary digital production system enables the design and production of custom-made, anatomically designed aprevo® devices to be created on demand and delivered sterile packed to the hospital in time for surgery.

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