ecoATM acquired by Outerwall (Redbox, Coinstar)

ecoATM was purchased for $350 million by Outerwall (formerly Coinstar) in July 2013 while incubating in EvoNexus. When ecoATM was first admitted into the EvoNexus incubator their kiosk was nothing more than a cardboard/plywood box. However, ecoATM continued developing their product in the incubator and graduated from EvoNexus after fundraising.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, EvoNexus alum ecoATM Inc. is the only automated kiosk that collects unwanted or used cell phones, tablets and MP3 players for instant cash. The kiosk identifies and assesses used cell phones by checking both the software and hardware of the phone and makes an evaluation based on that information to offer the customer a price for the phone.

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