Empowered Patient Podcast: Moving Clinical Trials into The Digital World


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With over 1,000+ data points collected in an average clinical trial and dependence on paper forms and binders filled with research, the clinical trials industry is past due for a new framework.

In this edition of the Empowered Patient podcast, Karen Jagoda interviews Kim Walpole, the co-founder and CEO of Trials.ai.

Kim Walpole

This EvoNexus portfolio company is replacing paper-based clinical trial systems with digital access to the hundreds of data points from participants, leveraging artificial intelligence to allow for more efficient trials, and providing transparency for patients and researchers.

Kim talks about how Trials.ai is bringing digital capture and storage to clinical trials and adding a level of artificial intelligence to assist researchers more efficiently handle the workload. The product’s dashboard allows for timely reporting and transparency for sponsors of the trials, researchers and participants in the trial.

The biggest challenge seems to be that potential clients often see no reason to move away from paper.