EvoNexus Graduate, GigaIO and Valkyrie Build AI On-Ramp for Enterprises by Launching Comprehensive AI Readiness Services

EvoNexus Graduate, GigaIO and Valkyrie Build AI On-Ramp for Enterprises by Launching Comprehensive AI Readiness Services

HPC WIRE / CARLSBAD, CA / MAY 2ND, 2024 / GigaIO, the award-winning provider of open workload-defined infrastructure for AI and accelerated computing, and Valkyrie, a pioneer in building industry-defining AI solutions by applying science to data, today announced the launch of their joint AI readiness assessment service, a complete end-to-end hardware/software/services solution for companies looking to enter the AI space.

This strategic partnership combines GigaIO’s AI infrastructure expertise with Valkyrie’s unrivaled proficiency in AI deployment, creating an unmatched one-stop shop for companies eager to stake their claim in the AI revolution. By offering a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and services, GigaIO and Valkyrie are poised to redefine the very foundation of AI implementation.

“Our partners have expressed a pressing need from their customers — the desire to adopt AI within their enterprises — but they don’t know where to start,” said Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO. “We’re thrilled that Valkyrie’s unsurpassed expertise will empower our resellers to deliver AI solutions backed by a wealth of implementation expertise, in a first-of-its kind offering for our partners and clients.”

For companies that are ready to implement, GigaIO’s AI infrastructure expertise helps them choose and deploy the best hardware and software models for specific production needs. GigaIO’s ability to put 32 GPUs in a single server with its SuperNODE streamlines the process of getting AI models up and running, compared to multiple complex InfiniBand-networked server configurations.

For companies seeking guidance on their AI journey, Valkyrie’s comprehensive educational and executive workshops provide invaluable training in critical areas such as Enterprise AI, Large Language Models, Reinforcement Learning, and Knowledge Graphs. Valkyrie’s AI readiness assessments identify organizational and data challenges, providing actionable insights to accelerate AI adoption.

“As the AI revolution accelerates, privacy and data security remain paramount. AI is reshaping the modern business paradigm, but its impact extends far beyond just the operational realm,” said Charlie Burgoyne, CEO of Valkyrie. “Our partnership with GigaIO reflects our commitment to equipping businesses with the context and foresight to navigate AI’s intricate dynamics responsibly and effectively.”

Valkyrie’s proven track record designing AI solutions for the likes of Sirius XM, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Global Medical Response, coupled with successful AI assessment case studies with both leading Fortune 500s — such as a top global insurance company and a Big Three US motor vehicle company — and wide range of small businesses like SSOE, an architecture and engineering firm that builds large-scale operations like factories, solidifies their position as a trusted partner in AI implementation.

“Valkyrie’s AI Readiness Assessment has been instrumental in providing valuable insights and strategic guidance for our firm. Their thorough analysis and key recommendations have helped us identify our strengths, challenges, and opportunities in AI implementation,” said Scott Thompson, VP of Technology at SSOE. “By following their suggestions, we’re well on our way to achieving data maturity and leveraging AI for business growth and efficiency.”

Valkyrie’s Al readiness assessment analyzes a company’s mindset, knowledge and skills, data maturity, infrastructure, and budget to determine its level of preparedness for future Al initiatives, and identifies challenges it may face along the way. Unlike conventional assessments from competitors, it delivers seasoned industry expertise along with customized insights, providing a meticulous strategy crafted specifically for each client’s business objectives that includes both strategic guidance as well as robust support for seamless AI integration and adoption.

SOURCE: GigaIO via HPC Wire

About GigaIO

GigaIO provides workload-defined infrastructure through its universal dynamic memory fabric, FabreX, which seamlessly composes rack-scale resources and integrates natively into industry-standard tools. The SuperNODE and the SuperDuperNODE are “impossible servers,” fully engineered to “Just Work” for AI and accelerated computing. These solutions allow users to deploy systems in hours instead of months and run more workloads at lower cost through higher utilization of resources and more agile deployment.

About Valkyrie

Valkyrie is an applied science firm that builds industry-defining AI and ML models through its services, product, impact, and investment arms. Valkyrie specializes in taking the latest advancements in AI research and applying them to solve client challenges through model development or product deployment. Their work can be found across a wide range of clients, including SiriusXM, Activision, Chubb Insurance, and the Department of Defense, to name a few.

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EvoNexus is California’s leading nonprofit technology startup incubator located in San Diego. EvoNexus has successfully incubated over 260 startups with a survival rate of over 85%. Since the incubator’s formation in 2010, EvoNexus companies have secured over $1.6B in venture funding, $10B in pre-exit valuation, and had 51 acquisitions valued at over $2.1B. EvoNexus is supported by corporate partners, including some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Learn more at evonexus.org.