EvoNexus Portfolio Company, Brelyon, and Lockheed Martin Take Desktop Simulators to the Next Level at I/ITSEC Conference

EvoNexus Portfolio Company, Brelyon, and Lockheed Martin Take Desktop Simulators to the Next Level at I/ITSEC Conference

“Brelyon entered the EvoNexus incubation program with a display technology that held great promise for a number of markets,” said Rory Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of EvoNexus. “In just three years the company was able to create its system that demonstrated the potential for a new experience in immersive interaction that could go across many sectors. As a pilot with over 40 years of flying experience, I naturally gravitated to training as a use case for the system. Their partnership with Lockheed bears out my initial belief.”

NOV. 30, 2022 /PR Newswire/

Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Brelyon, the MIT spin-off pioneering a new category of ultra-immersive display technologies, will showcase the latest innovations set to transform the immersive simulation experience at I/ITSEC, the largest training and simulation tradeshow in the United States. In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, Brelyon is showcasing Brelyon’s Ultra Reality™ — the world’s first headset-free virtual monitor — paired with Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Pilot Training Aid.

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with Lockheed Martin, a global leader in flight simulation, to create a first-of-its-kind desktop flight simulator using Brelyon display technology,” said Dr. Alok Mehta, COO of Brelyon. “Their brand and access to customers will catalyze our sales efforts.”

Brelyon’s Ultra Reality features a 122″ curved virtual display with 4K HDR 600 and 144Hz. The experience is like looking at a personal cinema screen with the response time of a high-end gaming monitor.

Brelyon and Lockheed Martin will showcase how Lockheed Martin’s flight training solutions coupled with Brelyon’s high-fidelity virtual displays can deliver panoramic simulation experiences that go far beyond what’s possible with existing headsets or curved monitors today. The bundled solution will be available for sale soon.

“Technological innovation is crucial in the simulation and training industry,” said Jonathan Lalor, Lockheed Martin Business Development for Training and Simulation Solutions. “With Brelyon’s new ultra-immersive monitor, we can offer our customers a unique and exciting enhancement for small-scale simulation devices.”

Visit Brelyon at I/ITSEC at Booth #1748.

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Brelyon is a pioneer in hardware and software technologies for headset-free immersive experiences. Helmed by a founding team of scientists and industry executives from MIT, UCF, DARPA and IMAX, Brelyon has developed the world’s first no-headset display technology with monocular depth. Visit www.brelyon.com for more information.

SOURCE: Brelyon