GigaIO, an EvoNexus Graduate, Launches Partnership with Climb Channel Solutions

GigaIO, an EvoNexus Graduate, Launches Partnership with Climb Channel Solutions to Support Data Center Connectivity in the Channel

EATONTOWN, NJ / GLOBE NEWSWIRE / SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2023 / Climb Channel Solutions, an international specialty technology distributor and wholly owned subsidiary of Climb Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLMB) has announced a strategic partnership with GigaIO, a pioneer in AI and high-performance data center infrastructure solutions. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in Climb’s data center connectivity offerings and promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the channel to optimize their customers’ data center operations.

The necessity for business agility is driving the need for infrastructure agility. GigaIO disaggregates data center server components and seamlessly composes them into rack-scale systems on demand, using industry-standard tools. The company’s universal dynamic memory fabric, FabreX, lets customers build otherwise impossible servers for AI and accelerated computing — from storage to accelerators to memory — at a fraction of cloud TCO. FabreX optimizes the configuration, utilization, and efficiency of customers’ existing hardware, allowing them to run more workloads faster at lower cost.

Between Climb Channel Solutions’ global reach and GigaIO’s groundbreaking expertise in fabric-based accelerated computing and hyper-performance networking, the pair ushers in a new era of efficiency and adaptability for data center environments throughout the channel. This newly launched partnership aims to empower their reseller base to extend these offerings to end users to build agile, scalable, and efficient data center infrastructures that can adapt to the evolving demands of modern computing workloads.

Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO, shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Climb Channel Solutions is an ideal partner for us, given their profound expertise in emerging technology distribution and their global network. This partnership will enable us to expand the reach of our transformative technologies, making them accessible to more businesses and improving data center and edge performance and flexibility via a much wider channel.”

Together, Climb Channel Solutions and GigaIO are poised to transform data center connectivity, introducing a new focus on flexibility, scalability, and performance.

“We are proud to partner with GigaIO, a company recognized for its innovative contributions to the data center industry and edge computing,” says Dale Foster, CEO of Climb Channel Solutions. “As we are both focused on agility, flexibility and scalability, this partnership aligns with our core mission of providing the channel with the best in emerging technologies and expanding our offerings throughout a range of technology categories.”

Those interested in distribution services and solutions should contact Climb by phone at +1.800.847.7078 (US), or +1.888.523.7777 (Canada), or by email at

SOURCE: Climb Channel Solutions, Globe Newswire

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As the global data explosion and AI revolution unfold, global computing, storage and networking infrastructure are undergoing a fundamental transformation. GigaIO’s technology enables data centers to leverage their existing hardware infrastructure and benefit from these new technology paradigms, to power the next generation of data centers. GigaIO FabreX breaks the constraints of old static architectures, opening up new configuration possibilities with Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI), to maximize utilization of all the elements within your racks. The network is finally the computer, with your entire rack being the computing unit instead of just the server. We exist to free you from the constraints of your infrastructure, so you can focus on your company’s mission: invent more, solve more, achieve more. Visit, or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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