EvoNexus Portfolio Company, QuSecure Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Solutions

EvoNexus Portfolio Company, QuSecure Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Solutions


United States Army with QuSecure Advances Toward a Quantum-Resilient Future Protecting the Country from Today’s and Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Threats


SAN MATEO, CA / BUSINESS WIRE/ June 8, 2023 /QuSecure™, Inc., a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity (PQC), today announced the United States Army has awarded the company a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II Federal Government contract to develop quantum-resilient software solutions.

With this award, QuSecure will continue to advance research and development of quantum-resilient technologies and encryption solutions for the U.S. Government. The award states that QuSecure’s work has merit, will result in important benefits for the Army, and allots upwards of $2 million to address uses in tactical edge and tactical IoT devices that can be used for battle-ready deployment.

The U.S. Government’s urgency to move toward a quantum safe future has been established with the recent actions taken by Congress and the White House. The Endless Frontiers Act establishes a Technology and Innovation Directorate at the National Science Foundation to use $100 billion in federal funds over five years to research emerging technologies including quantum computing, and specifically mentions the need for PQC. Additionally, in December 2022 President Biden signed into law the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act, which requires the Office of Management and Budget to prioritize federal agencies’ migration to IT systems using post-quantum cryptography.

“Following winning our U.S. Air Force SBIR Phase III award last Fall, QuSecure is proud to be a part of the Army’s march toward a more cybersecure future,” said Aaron Moore, QuSecure Head of Engineering, who also led R&D efforts for Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). “This award from the Army recognizes QuSecure’s ability to help enhance the combat fighting capabilities that modern warfare necessitates.”

Last year the U.S. Government awarded QuSecure a U.S. Air Force SBIR Phase III Federal Government procurement contract for PQC solutions after executing a successful PQC pilot project deployed at a federal facility. QuSecure remains the industry’s only PQC vendor earning the Phase III designation, establishing the company as the Federal Government’s leading provider of PQC solutions, and setting the standard for all Federal Government’s PQC requirements. With today’s news on QuSecure’s U.S. Army SBIR Phase II contract, QuSecure has further burnished its cybersecurity credentials with the U.S. military.

The QuSecure QuProtect solution is the industry’s most advanced quantum safe solution providing quantum-resilience for today’s critical communications, including network, cloud, IoT, edge devices, and satellite communications. Using QuProtect, organizations can implement PQC across all devices on the network with minimal disruption to existing systems, protecting against current classical and future quantum attacks which could irreparably disrupt industries and infrastructures across government and commercial sectors; at the same time solving today’s complex compliance challenges, such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and work-from-home policies.

SOURCE: Business Wire, QuSecure

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QuSecure is a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity (PQC) with a mission to protect enterprise and government data from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Its quantum-safe solutions provide an easy transition path to quantum resiliency across any organization. The company’s QuProtect solution is the industry’s first PQC software-based platform uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using a quantum secure channel. QuSecure has current customer deployments in banking/finance, healthcare, space/satellite, IT/data enterprises, datacenters, and various Department of Defense agencies. QuSecure is investor backed and has offices in Silicon Valley. For more information visit www.qusecure.com.

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