EvoNexus Portfolio Company, Sateliot Partners With Comfone to Extend 5G IoT Satellite Connectivity Worldwide

EvoNexus Portfolio Company, Sateliot Partners With Comfone to Extend 5G IoT Satellite Connectivity Worldwide

This partnership will allow MNOs and MVNOs to connect to Sateliot’s 5G NB-IoT nanosatellite constellation through a standard roaming agreement, paving the way for massive IoT adoption everywhere on the planet.

TELECOM TALK / SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2023 / Spain-based satellite company Sateliot has partnered with IPX network services provider Comfone to extend its network range, enabling over 480 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and MVNOs worldwide to connect to Sateliot’s 5G NB-IoT nanosatellite constellation through a standard roaming agreement.

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Extending Global 5G Satellite Connectivity

With the agreement between Sateliot and Comfone, MNOs and MVNOs will be able to cover the entire planet, whereas cellular coverage reaches only 15 percent of Earth’s surface.

Comfone’s Key2roam Platform Services, comprising IPX, Data Clearing, and the Key2roam Roaming Hub, facilitate integration between Sateliot and MNOs/MVNOs.

Enabling Seamless IoT Data Transmission

This also enables IoT device owners to send and receive 5G data anywhere in the world, regardless of the SIM card they are using, seamlessly from space cell towers within Sateliot’s non-terrestrial network (NTN), the statement noted.

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Empowering MNOs and MVNOs

Sateliot joined the GSMA as a full member in May 2023, as reported by TelecomTalk, and has the capacity to sign standard roaming agreements with any telecom operator. MNOs and MVNOs can enable NB-IoT satellite access to their existing customers, as well as generate additional revenue with new customers and use cases, the company said in a statement.

Comfone said “Because Sateliot’s satellite network services are 3GPP compliant, the different layers of integration between Sateliot and the mobile networks, which are required, can be provided over the standardised GSMA roaming interfaces.”

“These include IPX connectivity, agreements management, roaming relation maintenance, services testing as well as very importantly clearing and settlement services.”

“That’s why Comfone’s Key2roam Platform Services are ideal to facilitate the integration between Sateliot’s Non-terrestrial Network and Mobile Networks and thereby bridging the gap between the two worlds,” Comfone added.

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Sateliot has announced that it will be serving a portfolio of clients valued at USD 1 billion, formed by more than 500 companies from 30 countries who applied in their pioneer Early Adopter Program, starting in 2024.

3GPP Release 17 Capabilities

Sateliot is the first satellite operator offering standard NB-IoT via its LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation of satellites, supporting 3GPP Release 17 NTN capabilities. Sateliot said with the new 3GPP Release 17, end-user devices can seamlessly switch between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks using the same standard device and the same SIM card from MNOs and MVNOs.

SOURCE: Sateliot, Telecom Talk

About Sateliot

Sateliot was founded in Spain in 2018, with the purpose of connecting IoT devices directly from space. The Executive team brings a deep knowledge of the Telecom industry, as well as a strong track record of successful outcomes. Over the past four years, Sateliot has achieved disruptive advances in the industry.

Together with 3GPP, the Company is enabling, for the first time in history, IoT devices that work in a hybrid mode with the capability of communicating through both satellite and terrestrial networks in every single place on earth, utilizing the official 3GPP standard. Sateliot’s business development team has engaged more than 300 companies in the market from hardware producers to MNOs and MVNOs who are very in need of an extension of coverage at zero risk. However, these MNOs and MCNOs, lack the technical expertise necessary to create these changes in house, hence directly benefit from Sateliot’s product and value proposition. After a 10M€ Series A in Dec’21, Sateliot is looking towards a Series B. This additional funding with enable the company to deploy additional satellites into its low earth orbit constellation, further reducing latencies and increasing capacity for its customers. To learn more, visit sateliot.space.

About Comfone

Comfone is a privately owned company based in Bern, Switzerland. Their multicultural team of roaming experts provide dependable, high quality roaming services to the ever-expanding international roaming community. Comfone supports their customers in every part of the roaming process, and whether you are a new entrant into the market or an established operator, they can help you get the most out of your business. To learn more, visit www.comfone.com.

About EvoNexus

EvoNexus is California’s leading nonprofit technology startup incubator located in San Diego. EvoNexus has successfully incubated over 260 startups with a survival rate of over 85%. Since the incubator’s formation in 2010, EvoNexus companies have secured over $1.6B in venture funding, $10B in pre-exit valuation, and had 51 acquisitions valued at over $2.1B. EvoNexus is supported by corporate partners, including some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Learn more at evonexus.org.