EvoNexus Portfolio Company, Skeyeon Announces Issuance of Revolutionary Satellite Communication Patent

EvoNexus Portfolio Company, Skeyeon Announces Issuance of Revolutionary Satellite Communication Patent

BUSINESS WIRE / SAN DIEGO, CA / JANUARY 10TH, 2024 / Pioneering very low earth orbiting (VLEO) satellite technology firm Skeyeon is thrilled to announce the issuance of their latest patent, US11,671,169, titled “Radio frequency data downlink for a high revisit rate, near earth orbit satellite system,” issued on June 6, 2023. This groundbreaking patent sets the bar even higher in orbital satellite communications, marking another stellar achievement for the company.

This patent, devised by notable inventors Dan Nobbe and Ron Reedy, unveils an innovative method for facilitating communication between an orbiting satellite stationed at VLEO (200km-350km) with a steerable antenna and a comprehensive network of ground stations. It’s designed to meet the growing demand for a cost-efficient, low-power, high-data-rate satellite downlink system. This invention stands out because it can meet mission payload needs for small orbital vehicles below 300km while maintaining an impressive camera resolution of approximately 1 meter. Coupled with a robust network of ground stations, it reduces the time it takes to retrieve a high-resolution image of a specific point on the earth to under an hour.

Skeyeon’s Patent Portfolio: A Glimpse

With this addition, Skeyeon now boasts seven issued US patents across four distinct patent families:

  • Family 1: Satellite designs featuring a beveled edge and materials that minimize drag and damage from atmospheric particle interactions.
  • Family 2: Materials that demonstrate resilience to atomic oxygen while maintaining low drag properties.
  • Family 3: Methods for streamlining communication between orbiting satellites and networks of ground stations.
  • Family 4: Innovations around generating thrust in low earth orbit satellites, including a system for ingesting and manipulating ambient air particles.

The inventive minds behind Skeyeon’s rich patent portfolio include Ronald E. Reedy, Thomas E. Schwartzentruber, Timothy K. Minton, and Dan Nobbe. Alongside their seven issued patents, Skeyeon is also actively working on six other pending patent applications in the US and internationally.

SOURCE: Jackie Townsend for Skeyeon via Business Wire

About Skeyeon

As leaders in the very low earth orbiting satellite technology industry, Skeyeon is committed to pushing the boundaries of space communication and exploration. Through continuous innovation and a forward-thinking approach, Skeyeon aims to pave the way for the future of satellite technologies and their role in global connectivity and high-revisit imaging. Skeyeon is currently raising expansion capital through Wefunder. For additional information about the company or the raise, please go to www.skeyeon.com.

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