Portfolium Extends its Partnership with the University of California System to Offer ePortfolio and Career Readiness Networks Across all 9 UC Campuses

(SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) AUGUST 20, 2015) – Portfolium, the ePortfolio and Career Readiness Network, announced today that it has renewed its contract with the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP), following a successful 12-month initial deployment. This agreement supports career success for 250,000 students and more than 2 million living alumni of the University of California System.

“Portfolium now has a UC system-wide agreement to offer modern digital career portfolios to new and young graduates. The reception from our graduating class has been remarkable, and the product and service are top-notch,” said John Valva, Executive Director, Alumni & Constituent Affairs at the University of California.

Compelling results drive UCOP’s renewed commitment to Portfolium

The UC system selected Portfolium’s ePortfolio and career readiness network as a key component of its student success and alumni engagement strategies. Implementation of Portfolium began on campus at UC San Diego, and evolved into a system-wide partnership spanning all 9 UC campuses to better connect graduates with employers based on their competencies acquired both inside and outside of the classroom. The UC system’s renewal of Portfolium demonstrates a continued dedication to the importance of linking learning outcomes to job placement outcomes.

“From an employer’s perspective, there is immediate value in this treasure trove of rich and context-filled data on a candidate’s actual work product in an easily accessible digital format. I often tell candidates that a resume is a kind of Table of Contents for stories they want to tell in an interview. What better than having actual content, real proof, to back up each of those stories?” said Matt Hill, Staffing Director at Qualcomm.

In addition to helping students and graduates showcase their skills, Portfolium will also help students network with alumni who can offer virtual mentorship and advice via the platform.

“As an alum of the UC system, I wish I had Portfolium when I was graduating, which is exactly why I founded the company”, said Adam Markowitz, founder and CEO of Portfolium. “My resume could only scratch the surface in revealing the incredible range of knowledge and experiences that I accrued throughout my journey at UC San Diego. I’m very happy that the next generation of college students won’t have to feel trapped inside the confines of their resumes.”

About Portfolium

Portfolium, a San Diego-based startup headquartered at the EvoNexus high-tech accelerator, has quickly become the partner of choice for colleges and universities looking to help students get a better start to their careers. Students from over 2,000 schools, including top engineering schools like Cal Poly and UC San Diego, are using Portfolium’s cloud-based platform to create an instant portfolio that conveys a clear picture of abilities beyond what can be displayed in a resume, transcript or LinkedIn profile. Students can get their portfolio of work on the radar of corporate recruiters by following companies, entering talent challenges, and applying directly to jobs on Portfolium’s job board.