RockMyRun and ZTE: A Robust Fusion of Music and Tech

(Tech.Co, July 15, 2015) – You’re out for a run, you absolutely crushed it at work, and the sun is slowly sinking behind the far off horizon. Pumped doesn’t begin to describe how great you feel – maybe you’ll set that new personal record on your mile time.

The music is bumping, but then all of the sudden an unexpected track comes on that’s perhaps a bit too low key. It totally throws off your pace as you fumble to change the song, even if it’s only a few seconds: seconds count for a lot when you’re trying to shave time off your mile.

There’s a company here in San Diego that built a solution to end this problem forever. It’s not new either; in fact they won our San Diego mixer in 2014:RockMyRun.

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