LA JOLLA, Calif.—July 15, 2015—Cybersecurity software development firm FHOOSH™, Inc. has been chosen as a “Cool Company” by the San Diego Venture Group (SDVG) for a second year. One of 31 Cool Companies selected this year from over 160 applicants, FHOOSH continues to represent the leading edge of San Diego-area tech innovation.

FHOOSH helps corporations, institutions and government organizations protect and power valuable stored digital information with its cybersecurity platform and productivity software. FHOOSH bankLevel+™ cybersecurity safeguards an organization’s critical business and customer data from cyberthreats by storing it in a state that is useless to hackers. It does this approximately five times faster than storing data unencrypted, with technology that breaks apart, disassociates, separately encrypts, and then disperses the data. The system also quickly notifies network administrators when unauthorized individuals try to access FHOOSH-protected databases, object stores and file systems. FHOOSH implements with existing infrastructure and allows corporate partners to dial in the security, big data/analytics and performance they need. With 15 patents pending, FHOOSH technology has been validated by the foremost cybersecurity response and assessment firm.

With organizations’ data fully protected, FHOOSH powerClick™ enables them to unlock and monetize the potential of their vast data vaults. With powerClick, users can quickly and securely complete even the most sophisticated web and PDF forms with a single click, going far beyond available form fillers. And, they can also breeze through eCommerce and mobile checkouts more safely as guests.

“We’re honored to be recognized by San Diego Venture Group for our cybersecurity,” stated FHOOSH CEO Eric Tobias. “Data breaches have become an inevitable fact of life. Companies spend billions each year to secure and encrypt information, and it’s still not working. We’ve designed a game-changing solution around first-of-its-kind security, built in from architecture through implementation. It’s cool because now, if hackers break into a FHOOSH-protected data store, they get data ‘dust’ instead of information ‘diamonds.’”

San Diego Venture Group President Mike Krenn noted, “We’re proud to recognize FHOOSH. With the latest OPM cybersecurity breach involving more than 21 million personal records, we want to raise awareness that a San Diego-based company can help prevent future data breaches.”

The San Diego Venture Group fosters relationships and ideas to form, fund and build new ventures. Its annual Venture Summit gathers more than 700 investors and entrepreneurs throughout and beyond the region to showcase the area’s flourishing innovation climate. The Cool Companies will be featured at meetings with Bay Area venture firms at Petco Park on Tuesday, July 21, and at the SDVG Venture Summit 2015 on Friday, September 25. Please visit for more information.


FHOOSH, Inc. protects and powers organizations’ valuable information. FHOOSH makes capturing, organizing, protecting and sharing valuable information effortless and secure. For more information, please visit

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