San Diego’s tech scene is not like Silicon Valley…thank god

(Medium, July 2, 2015) –Always on the lists of best places to live, San Diego draws in residents with its warm weather and beautiful beaches. As people continue to search for new tech hubs outside of the Valley, these perks have caused many entrepreneurs to call San Diego their home. For a long time, three things have dominated San Diego’s job market and tech scene: biotech, micro-breweries, and Qualcomm. More recently, although these industries continue to thrive, there has been a rise in the number of tech startups in the area. The city is now considered one of the top places to start a company, recently making the top spot on Forbes’ list.

Last week’s San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) showed off many of the great projects that are currently being hatched in America’s Finest City. It brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts and featured numerous speakers, panels, discussions, and workshops. I was lucky to play my part as a sponsor and participant, getting a sneak peek at some of the technology the city has to offer. Being part of Branch Metrics, a company that helps mobile apps grow, I was especially excited to learn more about the mobile developer community in Southern California.

Most of the week’s events took place at EvoNexus, the largest non-profit tech accelerator in the area. They provide office space, resources, and a large network of connections to help young companies to get off the ground. Their downtown office boasts a class of over 20 startups. Each year, the startups compete for prizes and a few are selected to move to another floor in the building, such as The VineSD, for a larger and less temporary workspace. EvoNexus was also where we hosted our first Mobile Growth Hackers meetup in San Diego. We were lucky enough to have this meetup featured on the growth and developer track of SDSW and had an awesome panel and lively discussion based mainly on questions from the audience.

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