Snapchat Partners with EvoNexus company ScoreStream



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High school football is about to get a lot more Snapchat-friendly.

The photo app will soon debut a new type of geofilter that shows sports scores for local high school football games in real time.

The filters, a result of a partnership between Snapchat and a Southern California startup called ScoreStream, will start to show up in Snapchat during high school football games on Sept. 2.

The filters are similar to the live score geofilters the company rolled out earlier this year for NBA games. During games at participating high schools — Snapchat won’t say exactly how many schools will be a part of the effort but that it expects the filters to show up at more than 5,000 games each week — students can overlay scoreboard filters onto their photos.

When the score changes, the corresponding geofilter will also be updated to reflect the score. The filters themselves are powered by ScoreStream, which will supply the data for illustrations (the company also makes a standalone app  that provides real-time updates from high school sports.)

The filters are also something of a mashup between the app’s live score and sponsored filters (the ones that brands pay to place in the app) as Gatorade is also a partner in the new initiative. (The in-app scoreboards will include Gatorade branding.)

“Dynamic Geofilters are a visual and timely way for sports fans to express the here and now of the game in their Snaps,” Ben Schwerin, Snapchat’s director of partnerships said in a statement. “ScoreStream’s crowd-sourced content is far more local and personal than any other sports content currently available, and will fuel the high school spirit of our Snapchatters like never before.”


Story by: Karissa Bell – August 2016