SOCi Adds Instagram Publishing, Updated Analytics to Continue to Streamline Social Media for Multi Location Businesses

AN DIEGOOct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SOCi, a leading SaaS enterprise solution for large-scale social media and reputation management and one of the fastest growing technology companies in San Diego, is proud to announce the release of new and improved features to the SOCi platform. The brands, franchises, agencies, and property management firms that leverage SOCi’s powerful technology platform to manage their local social media and reviews pages can now benefit from the following new functionalities:

Instagram Publishing & the New SOCi Mobile App

 Adding to the suite of tools business can use to publish content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, SOCi has now made it easier than ever to create and publish content on Instagram. Features of the new integration on the SOCi platform include a user-friendly Instagram scheduler, image editor, and approval gateways. Additionally, the new SOCi mobile Instagram app gives users the ability to manage and publish posts, all at their fingertips.

SOCi Conversations

SOCi’s Conversations tool allows organizations to keep a better eye on social conversations happening across all channels and locations. This feature discovers the most important conversations that brands and businesses are a part of and directly sends them to the individual(s) in charge of responding. SOCi Conversations makes monitoring customer feedback and dialogue on social media easy; guaranteeing that businesses won’t miss essential comments or messages that have the power to influence brand image and reputation.

Advocacy (Review) Solicitor

SOCi’s Advocacy (Review) Solicitor tool allows businesses to collect more high-rated reviews from their biggest fans. Complementing existing robust review tracking and responding tools, SOCi now lets businesses deliver a survey that will discern customers’ happiness in real-time, solicit a review from those that are at the height of their satisfaction, and collect feedback from those less satisfied. This feature will increase reviews from the right people and give companies a chance to privately address customer issues before they surface.

SOCinsights Dashboard

The new SOCi dashboard, SOCinsights, elevates the most important information, metrics, and tools that will help users deliver the biggest impact. This allows users to quickly view fan demographics, peak posting times, top performing content, and reviews by network directly upon log in. SOCinsights also provided easy-to-digest insights and allows managers to quickly refine their social campaigns, increasing brand awareness and engagement levels.

“SOCi continues to obsess over the problems our multi-location customers face in trying to manage social media and reputation at scale. These new features will help our customers efficiently manage their hundreds or thousands of pages, delivering new leads to their businesses and better care to their customers.” – Alo Sarv, CTO

“At SOCi we apply innovation and engineering to solve very real problems. These new tools are in response to a growing social media ecosystem that is becoming not only a premier channel for attracting new customers, but the new frontier for customer care.” – Afif Khoury, CEO.

To learn more about these new features to SOCi’s custom social media workflow solutions, contact a SOCi representative today.

About SOCi

SOCi is the leading enterprise solution for social media marketing at scale. SOCi’s all-in-one SaaS platform delivers a dozen or more functionalities, including content discovery, business intelligence, lead-generation, approval, task management, mass-scheduling and more, on top of a multi-layered permissions system that is architected to efficiently manage and generate measurable results at scale. For more information, please contact