Tomnod Helps Track Down Illegal Fishing Boats Online

(Turtle Island Restoration Network, August 18, 2015) – Turtle Island Restoration Network is proud to announce a new pilot program to find illegal fishing vessels within the Marine Protected Area surrounding Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Turtle Island teamed up with DigitalGlobe’s crowdsourcing platform,, to create one of the first crowd sourced, digital patrols of the marine hot-spot.

Cocos Island is an important stop over for large marine wildlife like hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks, blue sharks, whale sharks, dolphins on their oceanic migrations. The Island is also a home to teenager green and hawksbill sea turtles, who find refuge in the coral reef. Underwater explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau dived at the Island and called it “he most beautiful island in the world.” 

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