ToSense will follow up heart fluid-sensing necklace with weight scale, handheld BP sensor

(MobiHealth News, June 18, 2015) – La Jolla, California-based toSense, the connected vitals signs monitoring device company formerly known as Perminova, has two more multifunction digital health devices in the pipeline to follow up its recently FDA-cleared CoVa Monitoring System. At the BIO event in Philadelphia, cofounder Matt Banet showed off prototypes for a handheld device and a weight scale-like floor pad that each measure the same vital signs and congestive heart failure predictors as the CoVa necklace, while adding their own unique sensing capabilities.

“Our goal is to make simple devices that patients can use at home, that improve compliance, that are easy to use, and, if possible, that measure all five vital signs: pulse oximetry, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and temperature,” Banet said, adding that all three devices also measure thoracic fluid, a possible early predictor of CHF.

The Cova monitoring system, a necklace that patients can wear a few times a day to monitor their health at home, got FDA clearance toward the end of May after a two-year process. Banet says it was a positive process, and he predicts the other two devices will make it through in about nine months.

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