Transform-X Acquires Lextrum, Inc. and enables 5G Full-Duplex wireless

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TUCSON, Ariz., Nov. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lextrum, a communications technology company focused on Full-Duplex and reconfigurable-antenna technologies, announced that it has been fully acquired by Transform-X, a US-based privately held company which owns operating and innovation R&D subsidiaries which bring advanced waveform, software and hardware technologies to drive future evolutions in high-capacity terrestrial wireless, satellite, broadcast and other RF communications.

In August of this year, Transform-X acquired control of the Company, and today the Company acquired the balance of shares, making Lextrum its wholly owned subsidiary.

“Having Lextrum’s expertise in this critical area of radio efficiency improvement allows us to integrate it rapidly into the product lines, where appropriate, of our other portfolio companies,” said Dr. Mehrdad Nayebi, Transform-X Director and Chief Strategy Officer. “With its patented 120+ decibel noise cancellation techniques, it effectively doubles the throughput capabilities of our radios in application areas where Full-Duplexing is allowed. Further, the methods apply in other areas of communications outside of telecom.”

Lextrum, Inc. founder, Dr. Ahmed Eltawil, confirmed, “This transaction allows our team to work closely with the DragonWaveX engineering team, with no reservations or partisanship, and these types of arrangements are highly conducive to breakthrough, collaborative discoveries in addition to rapid integrative work. We are all very excited and incentivized to bring this technology to fruition.”

Transform-X is a communications company dedicated to obtaining and developing disruptive, market dominating technologies for the fifth generation (“5G”) wireless and far beyond.

Lextrum is a technology research and development company, emergent from the work in the area of noise cancellation techniques, performed and validated by several professors and engineering scientists at UC Irvine, Irvine California.