Venture Summit focuses on fund raising for startups

(San Diego Union Tribune, September 25, 2015) – San Diego is off the main highway for venture capitalists looking to invest in startup companies, but that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities for local firms to hook up with funding.

That was the message delivered Friday at the Venture Summit, an annual half-day event put on by the San Diego Venture Group. It brings together about 600 venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to discuss fundraising trends.

So far this year, venture capital investments nationally skyrocketed to its highest level in 15 years. But San Diego hasn’t shared in the surge. Funding for local companies so far this year is below 2014 levels.

The San Diego Venture Group is trying to reverse this trend by introducing more local startups to venture capitalists. In July, it brought representatives from about 40 venture capital firms – mostly from outside the region – to San Diego to meet with local startups in a private setting.

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