World’s First aprevo™ Personalized Spine Surgery Performed Using the Only Available Spine Technology with FDA Breakthrough Designation

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Carlsmed, Inc. is announcing today that the first aprevo patient specific spinal surgery has been successfully performed. Christopher Ames, M.D., director of spinal tumor and spinal deformity surgery at UC San Francisco Medical Center, assisted by Patrick Maloney, M.D., performed this landmark surgical procedure.

“Carlsmed’s aprevo family of devices represent a new generation of surgical implants that are individualized to each patient,” said Mike Cordonnier, CEO of Carlsmed. “This approach to precision medicine gives surgeons, patients, and hospitals confidence that each surgical treatment has been digitally optimized for patient outcomes before stepping into the operating room.”

Cordonnier continued, “With the advent of Carlsmed’s digital to device technology, there is no longer a need for hospitals to manage the complex inventory logistics of traditional surgical implants. The aprevo family of patient specific devices eliminate the tedious and costly process of stock device inventory control and reprocessing.” Carlsmed uses data to create spine fusion devices that are specifically designed and manufactured for each patient and UCSF is the first institution in the world to offer this technology to patients.

About Carlsmed

Carlsmed is personalizing devices for the treatment of complex adult spinal deformities. The Company uses data to create surgical plans and aprevo devices tailored to the precise medical situation of each patient. Our mission is to transform healthcare by finally giving spine surgeons the tools to obtain better results at a lower cost of treatment while helping adults regain their active lifestyles. For more information, visit or contact us at