Wrapify pays commuters to turn their cars into ads

(San Diego Union Tribune, September 25, 2015) – This is not a scam.

Wrapify, a seven-month old San Diego startup, will pay you $400 to $600 per month to do nothing more than drive your car as you typically would. To work. To the mall. To a friend’s house. And you’ll probably make more money when you’re sitting in traffic.

The caveat is that your vehicle will be partially or fully covered in an intentionally loud advertising message, a laminate wrap to be exact, for one to six months.

The trade-off is perhaps too large an ask for those who are easily embarrassed or would prefer to blend in with the crowd, as opposed to stand out from it. However, plenty of people seem ready serve up their cars as canvases to advertisers. In the eight weeks that Wrapify’s been wrapping cars in San Diego and San Francisco, the company has signed up more than 2,000 interested drivers across California. At the moment, that’s far more drivers than there are advertisers.

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