Wrapify Rolls Into New York on Wheels of 2015 Success


Wrapify, the technology-based car wrap company that’s been called “Uber for advertisers,” will enter the New York market February 1, the company said today. Wrapify’s offices will formally open on Park Avenue March 1.

The ambitious announcement follows a breakout 2015 for the adtech/outdoor advertising company, which launched in a pair of California markets last July. By end of year, Wrapify had broadened its presence to five states and 21 markets, far surpassing the suddenly successful startup’s most optimistic scenarios.

“New York is the most prominent advertising theater in the United States, ” said James Heller, Wrapify CEO. “The New York market is the ultimate ‘put up or shut up.’ That’s why Wrapify is here, to prove what we can accomplish in the marketplace.”

Wrapify incorporates the sharing economy, real-time data and analytics, and American drivers — who get another opportunity to monetize their time on the road.

The company has signed up more than 20,000 drivers to date, and is seeing explosive month-over-month growth. To-date, Wrapify has run campaigns for eBay, Petco, Harrah’s, TriNet and Quest Nutrition, among many other clients. Several advertisers are already planning their second or third campaigns with Wrapify.

“The aspects that have made Wrapify successful in fourteen-plus American markets will be amplified in New York City,” Heller said. “Our presence instantly creates additional outdoor opportunities in a region where the market for billboard space is so competitive.”

Heller points to a timely confluence of technology, business and societal trends that blend synchronistically to make the idea of Wrapify a breakout business model, as well as one well-suited for the needs of the New York City advertising marketplace. Heller notes the concept of car wraps is not new, but that technological and societal changes have combined to revolutionize the platform through:

> Technology which enables a self-service platform with live geographic reach & impression data
> Sharing economy that makes merchandising of personal vehicle for profit an option
> Industry low CPMs — not just for outdoor, but all media opportunities
> Ability to “own” a city with one cost-effective platform — on demand

Wrapify has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from investors that include Ludlow Ventures, Social+Capital Partnership, Haystack, and The LAUNCH Fund.

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