Ashok K. Babbar

Axiado Corporation, Retired

EvoNexus Selection Committee Member

Ashok K. Babbar advises CEOs and Boards on various strategies to rethink and transform their business with respect to their product/service strategy, business model, competitive landscape, and other factors to accelerate growth, raise company value, and help facilitate a profitable exit.

Most recently Babbar was a Chief Executive Officer of Axiado Corporation, a San José, California-based cybersecurity company, developing a security processor. After the first $11 million investment in 2018, Babbar raised the company value to $280 million in 16 months and positioned a complete suite of security products for the cloud infrastructure.

Babbar has more than 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley providing fiscal, strategic, product design/development and operations leadership across various industries with a track record of transforming ideas into viable businesses and successful exits (e.g., Sentica Corporation, 2002; SphereLink Communication, 1998). Under his direction as Vice President of Programs at Eagle Technology, the company generated $2.7M revenue per employee in 1994, and was acquired in 1995. He also directed development of a coprocessor, and the first in the industry, standard cells design with auto-place & route software for IC development, known today as Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry.

Babbar holds B.Sc. with honors in Electronics and Telecommunications from Portsmouth University, Hampshire, United Kingdom.


Advisor | CEOs & Boards | 2020–Present
Founder, CEO, Chairman | Axiado Corporation | 2017–2019
Chief Financial Officer | Pharmozyme | 2015–2016
Founder, CEO | Business M&A | 2003–2014
Founder, CEO, Board Member | Sentica Corporation | 1999–2002 Founder, CEO, Board Member | SphereLink Communication | 1995–1998