Brian Mulcahey

Board Member

Managing Director, Bose Ventures & Head of Corporate Development & New Business Incubation, Bose Corp.

Brian Mulcahey is an entrepreneurial leader and general manager with proven ability to envision, start, grow and lead new-to-the-world businesses and new-to-the-company capabilities; strategize and plan in the midst of uncertainty; and recruit, coach, motivate and retain world-class teams. He has a 30-year track record of growth and achievement in global technology-based companies, from pre-IPO start-up through Fortune 100 firms.

He’s worked at Bose Corporation for the past 18 years, where he’s Managing Director, Bose Ventures and Head of Corporate Development and New Business Incubation. Prior to that, he was a founding member of Bose’s new healthcare division as employee #1 in the sleep category – responsible for the strategy, launch, growth, roadmap and P&L. That new business was accelerated by an acquisition he sponsored of San Diego-based startup Hush, which was incubated at EvoNexus. Previous Bose roles focused on strategy, product planning, market development and customer insight. Before Bose, Brian worked for several start-ups, automotive and semiconductor manufacturers, and in management consulting.

Brian has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT, and an MBA with a specialization in high-tech marketing from the University of Chicago. He is a US patent holder (multiple); and an active board member, entrepreneurship mentor, judge and guest lecturer.