Schlotterbeck, Dave – Headshot

Dave Schlotterbeck

Mentor, Fmr. CareFusion

Fmr. CEO & Chairman, CareFusion

Mr. Schlotterbeck has been in the healthcare field for the past 25 years with another 20 years’ experience in other markets. He has been the Chairman & CEO of three public and two private companies, completed 2 IPOs, raised $6bb in financing, done $7bb in M&A, was the Vice Chairman of a Fortune 20 company, and most recently created $11bb in shareholder value over a 10 year period. He has successfully completed nine turnarounds, each becoming a highly profitable world leader in its field. Leading more than 10 M&A deals totaling $7bb and raising $6bb in financing, he built the 5th largest medical technology company in the world. He served as its Chairman and CEO and doubled its market valuation in 18 months. He is known for his record of bringing innovative and market moving technologies into the healthcare field. Many have been built into billion dollar businesses. Schlotterbeck is a graduate of the General Motors Institute with a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering. He holds a master’s of science degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University.