elan measse

Elan Mevasse

Very Good Security

Head – Banking Solutions, Very Good Security

Elan Mevasse is an innovator in the financial technology (fintech) space. Elan has worked for a variety of firms in the financial services sector including Wells Fargo and Intuit. He has worked on the both bank and credit union side of traditional financial institutions. He has been CEO of a fintech startup that participated in both the EvoNexus and Plug and Play fintech accelerators. He currently sits on the selection committee for the EvoNexus.

He has managed the full profitability for debit and credit card portfolios. In addition, he has focused much of his career on bank facing innovation where he launched digital wallets and piloted various projects including card free ATM, mobile loyalty programs and blockchain initiatives.

Elan continues to work in the fintech sector and he believes that existing banking technology can be greatly improved by integrating the best elements of the most promising fintech firms.

Elan holds a BA from UCLA and an MBA from the Middlebury Institute.