Giovanni Magni

Mentor, FRMR Bio-Rad Laboratories

FRMR EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Giovanni is a veteran Senior Executive, C-Suite Officer, and Board Member with over 40 years of success in biotech, life sciences, pharma, medical diagnostics, and hospitals. Leveraging extensive experience in strategic leadership, commercialization, and international business, he is a valuable asset for similar-sector companies looking for acumen in R&D challenges, product development, commercialization, market research, growth, and expansion. His broad areas of expertise include product concept, design, development, launch, and management; business strategy and development; sales management; market analysis and development; competitive analysis; global marketing; international sales; and cross-functional team leadership and development.

In his executive career, Giovanni has held leadership positions at Bio-Rad Laboratories (EVP and Chief Strategy Officer. VP International Sales and Marketing); Bio-Rad Laboratories Sr (Southern Europe GM); Baxter Diagnostics; Chemetron Chimica S.p.a.; and Clinica del Lavoro. He has been responsible for the development and execution of a company’s long-range global strategic plans and objectives, overseeing the analysis of trends and developments, and formulating strategy for growth and profitability of product lines and geographies. Reporting to the CEO, he has led executive collaboration to identify and prioritize strategic mergers and acquisitions, analyzing and reporting financial and operational metrics due diligence. He has led critical executive decision- making to develop the business case for initiatives and products, determining risk profiles, funding, and resource requirements for successful implementation and return on investment (ROI). He has directed European product strategy, development, and launch, including integrated marketing and sales campaigns across Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Through his global commercialization leadership, and oversight of both internal growth and acquisitions, he spearheaded company growth from $400M to $2.2B in of all selling and marketing operations outside North America for the company’s life sciences and diagnostics groups, including 6 selling regions (Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific, China, Latin America, and Emerging Markets); international operations (finance, IT, service, logistics, RA/QA, PMO, and special projects); and international HR and global talent. As EVP of an international sales organization, he was responsible for ~2500 employees and $1.4B annual sales (70% of total company sales). He is directing an international company’s global venture fund, emphasizing innovation, acquisitions, and new markets.

Giovanni earned a Degree in Pharmacy from Università degli Studi di Pavia; and a Master Degree in Pharmacy from State University of Pavia. He has professional working fluency in English, Italian, and Spanish.