Jacob Woodruff, Ph.D.

EMD Electronics

Head of Technology Scouting & Partnerships, NA & EU, EMD Electronics

Jacob Woodruff, PhD works to find and advance external early stage and disruptive technologies in the semiconductor and display materials space at his role as Head of Technology Scouting & Partnerships at EMD Electronics. Dr. Woodruff is an experienced technologist, having managed global R&D groups developing semiconductor deposition materials at EMD Electronics. Previously at ASM, Jacob led ALD process technology teams, and at SunPower and Nanosolar he managed R&D labs and developed processes for solar cell manufacturing. He holds a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University.

Dr. Woodruff completed his graduate studies at Stanford University where he did the following as a Graduate Research Assistant:

  • Researched group IV semiconductor nanowire growth and methods to control the position, diameter and orientation of nanowires during synthesis for applications in nanostructured solar cells, 3D chip architectures, and molecular electronics.
  • Led the formation of the Nanowire Growth Facility in the Center for Integrated Systems at Stanford University for collaborative research between members of the chemistry, materials science, and electrical engineering departments.
  • Developed CVD nanowire growth capabilities previously unavailable including germanium nanowire hetero-epitaxy on silicon substrates.
  • Developed metal nano-catalyst deposition techniques using electrochemical deposition on silicon.