Axelrod, Jeffrey – Headshot

Jeffrey Axelrod

EvoNexus Executive Director FinTech Incubator

EvoNexus Silicon Valley Executive Director / Fmr. Founder & CEO, Cogency Software / Fmr. CTO, Backstop Solutions Group

Jeffrey Axelrod is the Executive Director of the EvoNexus Fintech Incubator. He has over 25 years of experience in fintech and enterprise software, with an extensive background in technology, product, business development, and people-leadership. He has served in senior management and founder roles with a successful track record of facilitating company acquisitions.

He was a founder and CEO of Cogency Software, which he started, grew, and exited via an acquisition by Backstop Solutions Group. Cogency developed an industry-leading product suite for asset allocators that included portfolio management, partnership, and fund accounting, investor relations, and research management. After leading the company through growth and acquisition, he became the CTO at Backstop where he oversaw a 100+ person development and product team across multiple cities and counties, delivering SaaS products via the web, mobile, and desktop add-ins. Earlier in his career, Jeffrey held CTO, Head of Product, and various engineering leadership roles building application development platforms, rules-based engines, and portfolio accounting products.

Jeffrey was on the faculty of Columbia University’s Computer Technology and Applications program for six years, where he taught courses in database and application design. He has presented often at finance and mortgage industry conferences on both domain and technology topics.