joe boerio

Joe Boerio

EvoNexus Officer, Franklin Templeton

EvoNexus Officer / EVP, Chief Risk & Transformation Officer, Franklin Templeton Investments (BEN)

Joe Boerio is the Executive Vice President, Chief Risk & Transformation Officer for Franklin Templeton Investments. As CTO, he has the responsibility for setting and executing the firm’s strategic technology direction for Investment Management, Data Science and Cyber Security. These areas include, investment management DevOps & applications development, data science & analytics, market & alternative data services, FT’s internal FinTech venture, cyber security, enterprise vendor management, rapid development and incubation. Mr. Boerio is a strong visionary global leader passionate about business value and innovative transformations with 30+ years of proven execution results in enterprise information technology, operational excellence and global business enablement. Mr. Boerio is also the Chair of the Investment Company Institute Technology Committee based out of Washington DC and serves on the Board of the FinTech Sandbox in Boston.

Prior to joining Franklin Templeton Investments, Mr. Boerio worked for Mariners Systems, a software development firm that specialized in developing software applications and communication systems focused on infrastructure delivery for worldwide transportation customers.

Mr. Boerio earned his bachelor’s degree in information systems management from the University of San Francisco.

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