Becker, Jordan - Headshot

Jordan Becker

BAE Systems

VP & GM Geospatial Intelligence & ISR, BAE Systems

Jordan Becker is Vice President and General Manager for the Geospatial Intelligence and ISR business area within the Intelligence and Security Sector at BAE Systems, Inc. This business supports solutions for US Government customers within the intelligence and defense communities. GeoINT-ISR is a leader in the development of geospatial intelligence storage and management, and systems for geo-positioning that employ photogrammetry, data analytics and meta-data management for full motion video geo-registration, human geography, airborne vehicle routing, and targeting.

Prior to joining BAE Systems, Inc., Jordan Becker was Senior Vice President at Science Applications International (SAIC) and the Chief Technical Officer for SAIC’s Information Technology and Network Services business. Mr. Becker was responsible for strategic planning, and research & development. Mr. Becker’s Group supported SAIC’s commercial, federal and civil government markets. Mr. Becker was also a senior advisor to BP Corp. Mr. Becker joined SAIC in January 2000 reporting to the CEO and Chairman.
Prior to joining SAIC in March 2000, Mr. Becker was Vice President with UUNET Technologies, a global Internet company. Mr. Becker joined UUNET as part of the acquisition of ANS Communications Inc. in 1998. At UUNET, Mr. Becker had responsibility for a 500 person business unit that generated ~$1.2B representing 30% of UUNET revenues at the time. In addition to running the AOL business for UUNET, Mr. Becker managed supplier relationships, Internet technology development, engineering, operations, and planning for services for AOL.

Prior to UUNET, Mr. Becker was one of the founding executives at ANS Communications Inc. in 1990 where he helped grow the company prior to the sale of the company to America Online in February 1995. At ANS Mr. Becker was responsible for service development, engineering, operations, market support, and strategic planning. Mr. Becker assisted AOL with the sale of ANS (a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL) to UUNET Technologies in February 1998. Following the sale of ANS to UUNET, Mr. Becker was the acting ANS CEO overseeing the integration of the company within UUNET.

Prior to the formation of ANS in 1990, Mr. Becker was an Internet pioneer and technologist at IBM Research from 1982-1990 where he received several technology awards and held numerous management positions. Mr. Becker’s responsibilities at IBM Research included engineering and project management for the National Science Foundation Internet backbone (NSFNET), supercomputing systems development, and other information technology projects.

Mr. Becker holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a Director of CommNexus San Diego, and a pioneer member of the Internet Society. Mr. Becker is married with 3 children, and lives in San Diego California.