Moubasher, Malek – Headshot

Malek Moubasher

Agora Neos, Inc.

CEO, Agora Neos, Inc. / Management Consultant, Technology & Product Development, Mentor Global Consultants

Malek has around 25 years of experience as Management Consultant helping companies develop their technology products, go through business and technology transformation, organizational development and change management. In the last two years, Malek was focused on advising around the new business models brought by Blockchain technology such as fractional ownership, crowdfunding, smart contracts, credentials verification, payment settlement, authentication and audit solutions. Malek brings the type of expertise that brings business, people and technology all together under a program ready for execution. During his career he provided consulting services to the United Nations, Local & Federal Governments, Financial Institutions , Oil&Gas Companies, Key Retailers, Automotive Dealerships, Educational Institutes and Non for profits.