Matt Holcomb


Managing Director, Accenture

Matt joined Accenture in October 1999 and has over 20-years of experience developing strategies for fortune 100 companies. Matt specialize in leading teams that are driving cutting edge marketing analytics, developing responses to shifting competitive landscapes, and re-envisioning complex operating models. Matt helps clients envision completely new business models that move the needle on shareholder value. By combining strategy with deep knowledge of operating model design and an understanding that people, process, and technology are all assets that can be optimized to create value, Matt helps clients to grow their business impact.

Prior to Accenture, Matt was an executive at Kyocera America for ten years where he held several positions from production management to marketing to acquisitions.

Matt holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry from Boston University as well as a Master of Engineering Management from Northwestern University and a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management.