Stewart, Rich – Headshot

Rich Stewart

EvoNexus Executive Advisor & 5G Portfolio Director, Former Senior Director, Qualcomm

EvoNexus Executive Advisor & 5G Portfolio Director / Former Senior Director, Qualcomm

Rich Stewart is a System on a Chip (SoC) engineering subject matter expert with extensive experience in technical management, innovation, and product commercialization. Rich possesses a strong track record developing efficient, practical and cost-effective processes, in addition to a strong track record of on time product delivery. He successfully builds and integrates high-performance R&D teams, and effectively collaborates with multi-disciplinary, global, project teams to efficiently advance development programs.

Rich is a co-founder of Prometheus Technology Solutions, LLC, a firm dedicated to providing scalable product delivery processes for HW/SW/SOC and IoT products. Rich held multiple engineering leadership positions at Qualcomm, beginning in 1994, covering a broad cross section of technologies including embedded mobile device software, wireless protocols, image compression systems, MEMs driver technology, systems engineering and memory solutions. While at Qualcomm Rich also managed the Qualcomm Innovation Network, and was an engineering patent mentor. Prior to joining Qualcomm Rich developed driver level engineering solutions in imaging, 3d rendering and image scanning technologies at multiple start-ups.

Rich has over 25 issued and pending US patent applications, along with a multitude of international filings.

Rich has a B.S. in Mathematics-Computer Science, from the University of California, San Diego