Baldridge, Rick – Headshot

Richard Baldridge

EvoNexus Chairman, ViaSat

EvoNexus Chairman / Vice Chairman, ViaSat

Rick Baldridge is the Vice Chairman of Viasat, Inc. and has been a director since 2016. He was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in November 2020 and assumed the role of Vice Chairman in July 2022. Mr. Baldridge is focused on the remaining steps to closing the Inmarsat acquisition, and the organizational integration planning and execution strategy to position the combined companies to achieve the financial and operational objectives underpinning the transaction – including cost, capital, and revenue synergies already identified. Mr. Baldridge joined ViaSat in April 1999 as vice president and chief financial officer, added the positions of executive vice president and COO in July 2000, and was appointed president in November 2003. During his tenure, ViaSat has grown organically and through acquisitions by more than a factor of 10, to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. His leadership has helped build the organization from a small business to a major prime contractor and technology partner to companies worldwide, including a transition from a product manufacturer to a global service provider.

Mr. Baldridge came to ViaSat from Raytheon Corporation where he was vice president and general manager of its Raytheon Training Systems division. With over 4,000 employees in the division, his responsibilities included day-to-day management including marketing, legal, finance, and overall management. Other experience includes roles as chief operating officer, CFO, and VP of finance and administration for Hughes Information Systems and Hughes Training Inc., before the divisions were acquired by Raytheon in 1997. Mr. Baldridge also held various senior management roles within General Dynamics Corporation.

Mr. Baldridge graduated with a B.S. degree in business administration, and an emphasis in information systems from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, where he is a member of the NMSU School of Business Hall of Fame. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of EvoNexus.