Scott Dennis


Co-founder & CEO, D&K

As a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of D&K Engineering, Scott Dennis provides the strategic direction to this engineering and manufacturing services firm. Scott is also responsible for the day-to-day management of client relationships and oversight of manufacturing operations.

Prior to co-founding D&K Engineering, Scott spent several years at Hewlett Packard in various technical and leadership roles. During his tenure at HP, Scott worked in HP’s inkjet R&D and manufacturing organization and was part of several successful inkjet cartridge and printer commercialization efforts in the office and large format printing space. His technical experience includes; mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, lab automation and quality. He has held various technical and management roles within his career with HP and York International.

A native speaker of Spanish, Scott graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1993 with BS degrees in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering and with an MSME from Stanford University in 1995, with an emphasis in Mechatronics and Smart Product Design.


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