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Tyler Robinson


Strategic Investor Partnerships, Brex

Tyler currently leads Strategic Investor Partnerships for Brex — a role he has held since 2020. Tyler is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of partnering with top-tier VCs, accelerators, and incubators to enable their portfolio companies. Tyler joined Brex in 2019 in their Salt Lake City office in their sales division before moving over to the Partnerships team.

Before Brex, Tyler worked at EPIC Ventures, where he led a team of analysts sourcing financial, consumer, & healthcare investments. He then moved to Crewe Capital, a boutique investment bank, working as an analyst in their technology group. He finally moved on to Black Cliffs as a private equity analyst working directly with the partners helping run their technology, industrial, and healthcare portfolio companies.

Tyler received his BS in Finance from the University of Utah. He currently lives in Austin, TX.