EvoNexus is Qualcomm’s most important Southern California technology incubator partner. Having been a champion of the EvoNexus organization for many years, I know first-hand, companies that incubate at EvoNexus are some of the highest quality startups in the SoCal region. Qualcomm has invested in a number of EvoNexus companies and acquired two of them

Qualcomm has been a strong partner of EvoNexus for over 20 years. Many highly accomplished former Qualcomm engineers have remained in the region to incubate startups at EvoNexus. These companies are among the highest quality startups in the SoCal region.

EvoNexus is unique and produces massive value for its participants. Bottom line, there are few if any incubators that have produced over $3.6B in funding and outcomes. value while being just six years old. The culture at EvoNexus is “if you join us, you will succeed,” and the companies that become part of the Evo family do just that.

EvoNexus provides visibility and access to high-quality startups pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We are excited about this partnership because we know that 5G will be a key platform for 21st century innovation. We are enthusiastic about working with EvoNexus to further accelerate innovation in IoT, mobile edge computing, and other key 5G use cases through early-stage companies entering this incubation program.

5G is the foundation that will create a new realm of possibilities for expansion across mobile broadband, compute, XR, industrial IoT, private networks, and fixed wireless access. Through EvoNexus, we hope to support startups in their development of the most promising 5G use case.

We are off to a great start of the Silicon Valley FinTech Incubator, with the admittance and seed funding of high-quality ventures with direct alignment to our key business verticals. We are incredibly pleased with the progress of each of the companies and look forward to supporting and expanding the program going forward.

Working with EvoNexus and fellow sponsors Franklin Templeton, Qualcomm, and Verizon puts us at ground zero of 5G and IoT innovations that are having a huge impact on FinTech.


Silanna’s origins began as the 3rd company admitted to EvoNexus. Our goal was to introduce new technology and designs based on our team’s extensive experience in radio frequency and silicon-on-insulator. The target market was mobile communications. EvoNexus provided many of the key elements that enabled us to be well positioned with the technology roadmap under development at Qualcomm. I am pleased Silanna RF provided to be a significant contribution to Qualcomm’s current chipset design wins.

The spin-out option made possible by EvoNexus was infinitely better than to simply shutdown and forget years of technology investments made by Qualcomm in glass MEMS display technologies (Mirasol). EvoNexus enabled our $20M venture round and our manufacturing partnerships were established in record time.”

As an early stage startup part of the EvoNexus incubator, we have been able to operate in a lean and efficient manner. EvoNexus substantially increases the likelihood of success for innovative startups in our region, and they have been instrumental to our success as well. With the numerous introductions they have made for us and countless hours spent providing guidance and mentoring, they have helped us not only steer in the right direction, but also provided much needed thrust to help us get there faster. EvoNexus substantially increases the likelihood of success for innovative early stage startups. They were critical to our success and provided the much needed thrust to help us get there faster.

EvoNexus provided us with far more than our first office outside of my kitchen; they provided us highly valuable industry contacts, insight from their stable of seasoned entrepreneurs, and the credibility we needed in our fundraising.

EvoNexus was instrumental in making Tenantbase what it is today. The mentorship, relationships, and support we received in the early stages set the foundation for our ability to scale and lead a national company. Thank you for everything Evo!

Because of their involvement, local funding opportunities and local talent pool, we’ve been able to grow a successful company.

EvoNexus is what a startup needs to accelerate its growth and be well positioned for success. GroGuru is here today thanks to EvoNexus.

I highly recommend the Silicon Valley FinTech Incubator. Working with EvoNexus, Franklin Templeton, [and] RBC really helps any early-stage company to find your legs and to make the right introductions and also put together the right technology.

We have received unparalleled support as a startup from EvoNexus. Their depth of experience has provided us with incredible guidance in navigating everything from kettle raising to operational issues. As a fintech company, EvoNexus' relationships with major financial institutions have been amazing. Thank you so much EvoNexus!

It's a great community, it's a fantastic program, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much EvoNexus!

Through access to EvoNexus’ team and unmatched resources, this partnership has been core to the creation of our investment policies and strategies. We’ve received guidance through every stage of growth, allowing us to build a one-of-a-kind investment model that caters to investors’ evolving needs. The partnership has also led to strategic hires, media relationships, and network opportunities with fellow founders and startups building the next big thing.

We've been getting valuable introductions to potential customers, to employees, to investors and business partners. It’s been a great journey and we’re very grateful to EvoNexus and the entire team for their continued support

One of the big benefits of being in EvoNexus, which is supported by corporate sponsors, is that startups have access to these corporates for learning and collaboration opportunities. Another big benefit is the interaction with other startups and the learning that comes from each other – the community aspect of things. I have enjoyed that tremendously.