EvoNexus Reduces Startup Equity Requirement From 4-5% To 1% Upon Admission

EvoNexus produced record results in the three quarters of 2019 of $141,000,000 of portfolio investments, following our record breaking 2018 full year results of $226,000,000. Based on the recent fundraising performance of our portfolio, 2019 is now a record year for securing long term corporate partnerships, providing financial support for SoCal’s leading technology incubator. EvoNexus has had a 60% growth over the last 6 months in yearly sponsorship commitments. Given the momentum created by these accomplishments, EvoNexus, a non-profit organization, has decided to significantly reduce the equity requirement from startups entering our unique program. The new requirement is now 1% of Common shares upon admission, a substantial reduction from our 4-5% range. The organization believes the 1% de minimis equity requirement will help assure the continued growth of the value of our portfolio.

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